• Fimo paste (for the small ball) or a small gum
  • Wikki Stix wax sticks (sold at Walmart)
  • Recycled CD cases
  • Empty CD box
  • Glue
  • Coloured paper



  1. Find empty CD boxes for each child and remove the central CD holders.
  2. Give each child 1 box.
  3. Ask the children to take the Wikki Stix (wax-covered ropes), cut them, fold them and create a maze inside their respective cases. The wax will stick to the plastic when they press firmly
  4. Then ask them to create tiny little round balls by rolling Fimo with their fingers.
  5. Then bake the small balls in the oven to harden (follow the instructions on the Fimo package).
  6. Finally, ask the children to stick coloured paper on the back of the CD holder.