Mary’s Faith

Mary Devotional

Read the biblical text: Luke 1:26-38



Bring baby items to refer to the baby that will be born. It would also be interesting to have an angel figurine.



An angel appears to Mary

The angel enters her house. The door to Mary’s heart is not closed. We can come and visit her and meet her. It is ready to receive and welcome. She’s available. Mary listens. She hears. She lets herself be touched by the words. She is troubled by the angel’s words but she does not close herself up. She asks questions and then trusts. Even if she doesn’t understand everything, she agrees to serve God! “I am the servant of the Lord! Let everything happen to me as you said.” She agrees to let herself be led, to trust even if certain things seem impossible. “How is this going to happen since I don’t know a man?” “For nothing is impossible to God.”

Mary had a great deal of faith despite the obstacles that seemed to be before her. Mary must convince her parents and Joseph that she is pregnant, not because she was unfaithful to Joseph, but rather by the Holy Spirit, because God chose her to give birth to the Messiah. Joseph even considered quietly breaking the marriage agreement at this point!



  • Would you have followed God’s plan if you had lived in that time?
  • Did God put something on your heart?
  • Did God call you to do something that might lead others to look at you differently or to judge you unfairly?
  • What will your answer be?



Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.. Psalm 143:10


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