Stand With God!

Moses Devotional

Read the biblical text: Exodus 33-17-22 Exodus 34:29-35



Bring a flashlight and light the faces of each family member who are in the dark.



Moses goes to the mountain and asks God to show him his glory. God shows him his goodness and Moses is radiant. For Moses, intimacy with God is a rare blessing. His face shines. It’s much more than a reflection of happiness. It is a reflection of God’s glory.

When spending intimate time with someone, it’s like rubbing one off the other. We can even notice how much facial features become the same in couples that have been married for a very long time.

When Moses came down from the mountain to find the Israelites, they could see that Moses was different. Can that also be true for us? Of course! When we spend time with God, he will touch us too. We can then reflect who God is to our friends and family by the way we speak and act. So let us be good reflections of God’s love!



  • When do you have moments of intimacy with God?
  • What transformations can you perceive in your life or in that of family members who take moments with God?
  • Do you know the saying “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”? What does that mean?
  • Can others see that you’re friends with God?



God, I want to shine with your brilliance so that others around me will see your love and goodness. I want to be in your presence and feel the benefits.