Impossible / Possible



  • White paper sheet
  • Pencils
  • Blue gum
  • List of actions



  1. Write IMPOSSIBLE on one piece of paper and POSSIBLE on another.
  2. Attach these sheets to the walls at opposite ends of the room.
  3. Tell the kids to gather in the middle of the room.
  4. Read the actions and ask the children if this situation is possible or impossible. To do this, they must go to the side of the room where the word possible or impossible is indicated.
  5. Ask the children why they decided that some tasks were possible and others were not.
  6. Explain that God gives people the ability to follow His plan. Sometimes tasks may seem impossible, but God will help you make his plan. His plan will come true even if bad things or impossible things happen.



  • Jumping from a plane
  • Help your brother or sister clean a room
  • Talking to someone about Jesus
  • Have only 100 grades at school
  • Becoming a famous athlete
  • Send 100 texts in one day
  • Get elected president of your country
  • Being a faithful friend
  • Going to another country as a missionary
  • Take a computer apart and put it back in place


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