Father’s Heart


Here is another fascinating story from the Bible. When Moses was very young, already wanted his life. From the moment he was born, we wanted him and the other boy children of his people to die. Several children died, but God had another plan for the life of Moses. The Father protected Moses from death, as a father protects his children.

God the Father has a plan for each of our lives. And this plan is good and perfect. But sometimes there are obstacles that arise before us to stop and destroy God’s plan for our lives. Moses faced many obstacles in his life that could have killed God’s plan for him, but each time God delivered him from it.

What the Father wants to do when you face an obstacle is to give you his strength and courage to get through and thus thwart the enemy’s plan for your life, which is to destroy you.




What obstacles do you think you could experience that would stop God’s plan for your life? (The purpose of this discussion is to identify what children live difficult and invite the presence of the Father to come to these places of their lives.) What are the difficult things you are going through, stealing your peace and joy and preventing you from believing that there can be better days for you?

  • Separation from my parents
  • illness
  • mourning
  • Job loss
  • Rebel brothers or sisters
  • Etc.




Today we will pray differently: we will pray for each other. Who are the children who need prayer, who need to feel the presence of God the Father in their lives? Who are those who need hope and courage to believe that God has a wonderful plan for their lives and that the difficult situations they are experiencing right now are going to come to an end at some point? In the meantime, God the Father wants to lay down in you the strength and courage you need to overcome these trials with peace and joy in your heart.

Raise your hand and we will pray for you!

Encourage children who have not raised their hands to pray for their friends, and if all the children raise their hands, ask them to put themselves in a group of 3 to pray for each other.


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