The Heart Of The Father


Moses did not have an easy life, it was filled with obstacles. Not long after he was born, the king ordered the killing of the baby boys. To save his life, his mother laid him in a basket and then on the river where the Pharaoh’s daughter rescued him. Much of Moses’ life was like this, he experienced difficulties, but each time the Father delivered him. He is an example of faith and trust in God, a good example that we can follow.

Are you going through some difficult things this morning? Are you rejected by someone? Are you dealing with huge problems, like the separation of your parents, the death of someone close to you, etc.?

Through all that he lived, Moses chose to put his trust in God the Father and he was rewarded for it. After seeing his people suffer for 40 years, he saw them delivered. He was visited by God on the mountain and received from Him the 10 commandments. He lived the glory of God in his life.

Moses is no different from you. If you put your trust in God the Father, you too will live and see great things and you will see the glory of God in your life. You will see the Father act in the most difficult situations of your life, you will receive a peace in your heart that no one can give you. You’re going to get a joy that no one can give you.


Ministry time


We will take time alone with the Father this morning and we will give him the difficult situations we are going through. We’re going to give him the hard things we’re going through right now. Then for those who wish, we will make the decision to trust him and let him work in our hearts and in the difficult situations of our lives.

Give children time to talk to the Father, to have a heart to heart with him.




“Father, you see all the difficult situations in my life, you see the things that hurt me, I give them to you this morning. Father I need your help, I need you to help me through difficult situations, I need to know and feel that you are there with me and that you are walking with me as you did with Moses. Work mightily in these situations, do a miracle, and give me peace to get through these trials! I choose to put my trust in you and let you work in my life and in the lives of the people concerned. Amen.”


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