Prayer With LEGOS




  • 1 LEGO block per child



  1. Lead the children through the next steps. You can write these steps on the board or on a powerpoint.


    • Hold your block
      • Pray for yourself.
      • Thank God for the things he has given you.
      • Ask him to bless you and help you bless others.
    • Count the bumps on your block
      • For every bump on your block, pray for a different person – friends or family members.
      • Ask God to bless them this week.
    • Find someone who has a different colour block than yours.
      • Thank God for creating each one of us special.
      • Thank him for things that are different, but special about others.
      • Pray to learn to celebrate and understand people who are different from you.
    • Find someone with a block that has the same number of bumps as yours.
      • Thank God for the families and friends and all those who care for you.
      • Pray that he will help you be friends with those who are alone.
      • Swap your brick with someone. Thank God for the person you have spoken with and ask God to bless her/him this week.
    • Assemble all the blocks and build a structure or tower with them.
      • Thank God for the church and the communities in which you live.
      • Pray that it helps you to include others and help people realize that they are loved and valued.


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