The initiative



  • Binoculars



  1. Look at the children with your binoculars and ask them the following questions.
    • What are binoculars for? (let us see in the distance; enlarge things so we can see them.)
    • Why could we use them? (bird watching, use on a ship to monitor land, etc.)
  2. Go on to explain that sometimes people use binoculars to look at others. Think of the spies. They look from afar to see what people could do. You can use the binoculars of your heart to develop your initiative and see what people need and see the projects that God wants you to see. When you look through binoculars, they help your eyes see better. This is what God’s love does for us. It helps our eyes and hearts to see what is going on around us. Taking the initiative is when someone does something without being asked. An initiator is someone who monitors what is going on around him and then takes the initiative to help whenever he can.

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