We’re building the wall



  • Building blocks (Mega Bloks or Lego Duplo style)



  1. Divide the children into 2 teams of equivalent number and tell them to line up in the Indian line on 2 parallel lines.
  2. Tell them they must build the wall of Nehemiah. Tell them how many blocks the wall should contain (between 5 and 20 blocks).
  3. Give each first player of the teams a big block.
  4. At your signal, this player must pass the block to the player behind him, who will do the same, until the end of the line. The player at the end of the line must start climbing the wall of Nehemiah.
  5. When the first block is returned to the end of the line, a 2nd block is given and so on until the last block.
  6. The team, which first managed to climb the wall, wins.



  • You can put the block over your head, side ways, etc.
  • The player at the end could go to the beginning of the line when he put down his block. In this way, the children would all be involved in the construction of the wall.


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