Bold And Passionate




  • Large packaged box (like a gift) with a ribbon on top
  • Stickers



  1. Before class, put a sticker under a single chair among those the children will use.
  2. Tell the children you have a present for someone in the room. Show a large box wrapped with a ribbon on top.
  3. Tell the children that whoever has a sticker under their chair is the one who gets the gift. When the child with the sticker gets up, pretend to be shy and fearful, saying things like: “What if he doesn’t like it? What if he makes fun of me? What’s he going to think? What if he doesn’t want to be my friend anymore? What if he thinks I’m weird?”
  4. Finally, come to the conclusion that you simply cannot take the risk of giving this gift and put it away. Say that you have changed your mind and that you do not want to give the gift to the winner. Ask the child to return to his place and pretend that you are going to continue with your lesson. See what kind of response you get from this child and the public!
  5. Make the next link. What just happened? Ask the child how he or she feels. Did the things I was afraid of make sense? Give the gift to the child and let him open it.
  6. Continue. We often forget the gift in us, how the Good News of Jesus is a great gift. We are afraid of what people will think or know what will happen if they do not receive it. The Good News is a gift, a wonderful gift. We must be bold and passionate to give it and share it as much as possible. Paul was bold and passionate, he traveled everywhere to bring this beautiful gift.

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