The Heart Of The Father


No one can stop the Father’s plan in your life from being fulfilled. When the Father decides something for his children, nothing stops him. All kinds of things try to stop him: the attitudes of certain people, the trials of life, the attacks of the enemy, etc. The only person who can stop the Father’s plan is you. How? By yielding to the enemy’s attacks, choosing to believe the lies of the enemy, making bad choices for your life, choosing to let the people around you influence you towards evil. But if you stand for the truth, stand up against the enemy’s attacks, refuse to listen and believe his lies, and if you refuse to let the people around you influence you towards evil, then you see the Father’s plan fulfilled in your life. You must learn to live for him now , to draw close to him, to make good choices. Don’t wait to grow up, do it now!




What choices can you make now to help you get closer to the Father’s plan for your life?




“Father, I choose to trust you for my life. I need your help so that I can see the enemy’s traps and all his tricks that are intended to destroy me and destroy the plan you have for my life. Help me make choices that will honour you and get closer to your heart. I want to live for you and walk in your way. I love you. Amen.”


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