Wink Of The Deceiver



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  1. Tell the children that Isaac must try to find the deceiver.
  2. Place the whole group in a circle and ask the children to close their eyes.
  3. You have to choose the deceiver and Isaac. To do this, give a light tap on the head of the deceitful child and two light taps on the head of the Isaac child.
  4. Ask the children to open their eyes and start the game.
  5. The deceiver must then discreetly wink at another child, the latter must noisily lie on his back.
  6. Meanwhile, Isaac must try to find out who the deceitful child is. When Isaac thinks he knows who the deceiver is, he must then reveal himself and accuse a child. Isaac loses if it is not the right person. In addition, Isaac must make his accusation before there are only two or three children left not lying down, otherwise he loses too.
  7. Then the roles are changed and you start again!


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