The Heart Of The Father


Samson received a great mission from God, but his mission came with orders he had to respect: not to cut his hair and not to drink alcohol. In exchange for his obedience to God, he received incredible strength. Great strength. It must have been difficult at times for Samson to meet that request. But he was faithful and he respected God’s request.

The Father has a great mission for you too, he has a mission for each of us. It’s up to us to find out.

Samson was set apart for God. We are all called to set ourselves apart for God, to choose to dedicate our lives to serve and love him.

Are there things that you think prevent you from serving God well? Bad friends, too much TV, too much time spent on the internet, too much time spent playing video games? What are the things you could decrease to give more of your time to get closer to the Father’s heart and serve him?




“Father, show me if there are things in my life that you don’t like, that steal my time with you, my time to pray and read my Bible, to get to know you and serve you. Help me make this commitment to dedicate myself to you and to serve you with all my heart. Amen.”




Encourage children to speak with God. Invite them to go to a corner of the class and to search their hearts to see what things take God’s place in their hearts and in their lives.


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