Strength In Weakness



  • Two cloth gloves
  • Glue or paint



  1. The day before, take one of the gloves and soak it in paint or glue and let it dry so that it is beautiful and rigid the next day.
  2. During the lesson, ask the children: “Do you want to be strong or weak? (Wait for an answer.) In 2 Corinthians 12:9 to 10, the Bible says that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness.”
  3. Show the hardened glove.
  4. Continue. “Does this glove look strong? (Show how rigid and how it can barely move.) It’s a very durable glove. Do you think this glove would be very useful? (Try to put your hand in the glove, don’t make it easy.) Although this glove has a lot of strength on its own, it is not very useful because I can barely move it. What kind of glove is better? A softer more flexible glove.”
  5. Take out the other glove.
  6. Tell the children that this glove is not as strong as the other, but that it is flexible. (Put your hand in the glove.) I can do great things with this glove. Why ? Because the glove is strong? No! Because the glove is softer and flexible and it allows me to do work with it. The glove doesn’t really do the job, I do it.
  7. Finally explain to the children that we should not be like this rigid glove, but like this glove that is flexible and allows me to work with it. We should let God work through us. Sometimes we cover our weaknesses because we think it makes us less useful. However, God says that when we are weak, he is able to work mightily through us.