Who’s Stronger?




  • A big rope
  • Several scarves that will serve as landmarks



  1. Before class, prepare the game. To do this, tie a scarf in the middle of the rope. Then place two scarves on the ground 3 or 4 meters on each side of the middle of the rope. These scarves will represent the limits not to exceed for each team.
  2. Divide the group into two teams of equal strength: Samson’s team and the Philistines team.
  3. Tell the kids that the goal of the game is to pull the other team, using force, to the limit (scarf) to win the game.
  4. Tell them to stand on either side of the rope, behind their respective boundaries. To be safe, leave a minimum gap between each player (about one meter).
  5. Start the game by saying “GO.” Each team must pull in order to attract the other team to its limit (scarf). When the scarf placed on the rope exceeds the limit scarf of one team, the other team wins the game.


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