Samuel’s Cushion


Make a seamless cushion




  • A shirt you no longer use, an old fleece or fabric of any type
  • A pair of scissors
  • Padding (but you can also use a cushion you want to cover)
  • A pin
  • Pencil



  1. Distribute a shirt or piece of cloth to each child.
  2. Tell them to draw the shape they want on one side of the fabric and then redo the same shape on the other side.
  3. Then tell them to redesign exactly the same shapes and same place, but 10 centimeters larger. This way we will see two shapes in each other.
  4. Ask the children to attach both sides of the cushion they are making with a pin.
  5. Tell them to cut the fabric in the larger shapes they have drawn.
  6. Then tell them to make vertical cuts that start from the edge of the fabric to the smaller drawing they have already drawn.
  7. The cut-out strips are now used to make the knots that unite the two sides of the cushion, as in the picture.


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