God Speaks To Me

Samuel Devotional

Read the biblical text: 1 Samuel 3:1-19


How does God speak to people today?

Take a large sheet of paper on which all the family members write down all the ways that come to mind.
Here are some examples that may be found on your sheet:
Through the Bible
Through the Holy Spirit that speaks to our conscience
Through our friends
Through our pastors/leaders
Through visions or dreams


How can I hear God?

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize that it’s God talking. Besides, Samuel did not immediately realize that it was God who called him. Even though we sometimes hear God speak to us directly, as He spoke to Samuel, we usually hear Him in another way. Sometimes He tells us something through the story we just read in the Bible and sometimes He uses others to talk to us. He can also talk to us in our readings (a daily meditation received by email, a blog, etc.)
Maybe God speaks to us most often with a little inner voice. For example, if we think about doing something wrong, we may not feel good about doing it. We must all train ourselves to listen to God and recognize Him when he speaks to us.

God speaks in many ways and we do not always get to hear Him well. He talks to us in a variety of ways. The important thing is to be ready to listen and obey Him when He speaks to us.


  • Have you ever felt like God was speaking to you out loud?
  • How can reading the Bible help you hear God?
  • What about the Church and your Christian friends?
  • How can prayer help God speak to you?
  • Do you know of any other ways God speaks to you?


Holy Spirit, help me hear your voice. Make me sensitive to your mind. I am willing.

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