I Can Recognize The Voice Of God



  • Voice recordings


  1. Before class, record the voices of some people in your church: voices that children will recognize. Also record voices from people children don’t know at all.
  2. During the lesson, let the children listen to the voices and let them identify who they belong to.
  3. First, make them listen to a voice they know. They will immediately name the right person.
  4. Then make the following link. It took Samuel a long time to recognize the voice of God. In fact, Eli had to tell Samuel that it was God who was talking to him. We might be afraid of not hearing God or we might be worried about not recognizing his voice, but sometimes it takes time. In John 10.27 Jesus said: “My sheep listen to my voice. I know them and they follow me.” When we spend time with someone, we know their voice. If you hear your mother’s or father’s voice on the phone, you don’t have to think twice about who’s talking. Similarly, you recognized the voice earlier because you spent time with that person and you know them.
  5. Then, make them listen to an unknown voice.
  6. Continue. Who is this? (Wait no as an answer.) No one knows who that voice is, because no one knows the person. We didn’t spend time with them. It’s the same with our friendship with God. If he is our friend, then we will spend time with him, we will listen and learn to recognize his voice, just like Samuel.


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