The Jealous King



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  1. Choose a child who needs to go out of the room. He’s the person jealous of the king!
  2. Tell the other children to sit in a circle.
  3. Designate a child who will play the role of the king.
  4. Tell the child who is out to come back into the room.
  5. Once the king is chosen, the game begins. The king must then make gestures without talking: clapping hands, blinking, tapping on his knees, pulling on his ears, etc. Other players must imitate him.
  6. The person jealous of the king must then try to guess which child is the king. The king will have to change his gestures quickly and the other children will have to imitate him as soon as possible without too often looking at him, because he must not be unmasked too quickly.
  7. The person jealous of the king has three chances to find the king.
  8. And the game starts again, we designate a new jealous and a new king!


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