Emoji Cookies



Material (for 12 shortbread emojis/emoticons)

  • 12 round cookies about 7 cm in diameter
  • Black icing (eyes, eyebrows and mouths)
  • White icing
  • Colour-scribbled icing
  • Round candy
  • Food colouring for yellow foods
  • Images of several emoticons


  1. Put yellow food colouring into the white icing.
  2. Spread the yellow icing on the cookies.
  3. Ask the children: “Does it look like you’re jealous like King Saul? What is the emoticon that could represent jealousy?”
    Let the kids have fun reproducing all kinds of emotions on their cookies.
  4. Tell them to draw the mimics of their favorite emojis/emoticons directly on the biscuit with the yellow icing. Tell them to use the scribble icing tube for details.
  5. Allow the icing to dry for a few minutes before tasting.


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