FR-P-Baby Moses Heart

The Heart of the Father


From the moment Moses was born, the enemy wanted to destroy his life, but God had a different plan and He protected him throughout his life. At several places in the life of Moses, the Father revealed himself to him, He led him and protected him.

The Father has a wonderful plan for you too. You may not know His plan for you, but know that it is beautiful and full of adventure. Until you know what the Father is calling you to, you can begin from a young age to prepare yourself to fulfill His plan when the time is right.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By choosing to set yourself apart for HIM, to develop an intimate relationship with Him, by beginning now to make good choices, choices that reflect His heart.

Never forget that throughout your life, HE WILL BE THERE TO HELP YOU. He is present in good and bad times just as He was for Moses.




“Thank You, Father, that You are here with me. Thank you, that you walk by my side at all times. Thank you, that You have a plan for my life and help me to discover it. Thank you, that you love me. I love you Father.”




  1. Discuss with the children the dreams they have for their lives. God calls some of them to become doctors, maybe prime minister, pastors, missionaries, musicians in the church, leaders of children, or young people, waiters in a restaurant to encourage people, etc.
  2. Facilitate the discussion to bring out the dreams they have for their lives.
  3. Take a good time to pray with them.
  4. Take the time to bless their future.



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