Noah Devotional 

Read the biblical text.

  • Genesis 9:8-17



Bring some wedding rings and some contracts. Discuss these symbols of promise and commitment with your family.



After the flood, there was still hope. There was a new life and a promise of blessings made to Noah and his sons. That’s still true today. Whenever we see a rainbow after a huge storm, we can remember the promise God made to Noah. The rainbow is the symbol of a promise.

Today, there are also other symbols that we take to demonstrate a promise. Can we name them? There are wedding rings that represent the promise of husband and wife who commit to love each other for the rest of their lives. There are the contracts that we sign, for example a contract for the purchase of a house. At school, we may also sign a contract in which we commit to a behavior plan that we have established with our parents and the teacher. When we make a promise, we are committed to keeping it and doing what we have said. God makes many promises to us.

You may have already made a promise to someone and didn’t keep it. On the other hand, God is not like that. We can always trust him and hope for his promises. He does not let us down and he has the power to deliver on his promises.



  • What is a promise?
  • Do you know any promises that God made to you? Can you name any?
  • And have you ever made a promise?
  • What have you ever been committed to?
  • Why is it sometimes difficult to keep promises?



Thank you, God, for all the promises you made to me. I decide to trust you and I expect from you. You are my hope and I can always count on you.


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