I Adjust Accordingly


Paul Devotional


Read the biblical text: Romans 1:16; 1 Corinthians 9:19



Put some toothpaste on your lips. Ask your family members to suggest how they would tell you that you have toothpaste on your lips if you were a famous actor. Ask someone else to put toothpaste on their lips and ask another family member to talk to them as if they were your pastor.

Keep doing the same exercise (tell someone that he has toothpaste on his lips but this time this someone is: a good friend, someone who is not very nice to you at school, a stranger and a stern teacher)



Just as it can be difficult or tricky to tell a famous actor or stranger that he has toothpaste on his lips, sharing God’s truth with someone with whom one is less familiar may seem difficult. It can also be difficult to do this with someone who loves us less. As we have adapted ourselves to tell different people that they have toothpaste on their lips, we can also adapt ourselves to the different people we meet to tell them about Jesus.

God’s love allows us to treat others well, even when we have something to share that they may not want to hear. We can find different strategies to share this good news of Jesus, regardless of who is on our way.

Paul adapted himself to talk about Jesus to all.



  • Is it difficult for you to share God’s truth with non-believers? Why ?
  • How could you show God’s love to a friend who does not believe in Jesus?
  • What kind words could you use with someone whose opinion of God is not very good?



God, give me a loving attitude towards people who are different from me and give me the opportunity to share your love with them.


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