• Popsicle sticks
  • Sheep template ( attachment ) printed on white cardboard (body and ears)
  • Cotton balls
  • White glue
  • Paint or markers
  • Googly eyes



  1. To make it easier for you, prepare 1 example. The children will then see what they are crafting.
  2. Distribute 1 popsicle stick to all the children. Ask them to paint or colour it depending on your preference.
  3. While the stick dries, distribute 1 sheep template to each child. Ask them to cut it out. Some will need help. Then, ask them to glue cotton balls (about 7) on it. Let dry.
  4. Then ask them to paint or colour the 2 small ears on the sheep template the same colour as the popsicle stick. Ask them to cut them out. Some will need help.
  5. Distribute 2 small eyes to each child and ask them to glue them to the end of their popsicle stick. Then glue the little ears to the back of the stick. And finally, stick the circle of cotton balls in the middle of the stick. You will then have a pretty sheep.
  6. Connect to the story of Jacob and Rachel. He had to work for 14 years herding sheep to marry Rachel.

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