Unexpected winners…




  • A few puzzles
  • Chairs



  1. Explain to the children that you have organized different “competitions”.
  2. First, play a puzzle race.
  3. Give each child a simple puzzle and, on your cue, ask them to put it together as quickly as possible.
  4. When all the children have finished, offer a small reward to the last person who finished.
  5. Then play a little variation of the game of musical chairs.
  6. Arrange the chairs in a circle and play lively music to signal the children to walk around them.
  7. When the music stops, have the kids run for a chair as usual, but again, instead of getting eliminated, the person who doesn’t have a chair gets a prize.
  8. If the children seem confused, explain that Jesus’ disciples often were too. Tell the children that you will be talking about a story that Jesus told to explain grace.

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