When I Intervene In God’s Place


Rebekah Devotional 

Read the Bible passage.

  • Genesis 27



Play the game “Trust me”.

A child in the family falls on his back, falling into the arms of the father (or into the arms of mom, big brother, etc.).

Why do you agree to let yourself fall into someone’s arms? Why don’t you let yourself fall into God’s arms?



Sometimes we may want to fix a situation because we believe that God does not intervene. Usually, when you fix the situation, it is using human methods. For example: you want to be accepted into a school that takes students from a given geographical area and you do not live in that area. No problem, we give a false address! We would love a day off, but it is Wednesday. No problem, we call the office to say we’re sick! And what else? At the restaurant, children under 12 have a free meal and you are 13 years old. No problem, you say you’re only 12 years old…

Rebekah also wanted to help her son Jacob obtain Isaac’s blessing and to do so, she devised a plan to suggest that Jacob was Esau. She wanted to fix a situation her way instead of believing that God had a perfect plan for her life and that of her children. Let us trust God because everything contributes to the good of those he loves.



  • Is it hard for you and your parents to trust God? Why ?
  • Are there any events where you trusted God and the end was happy?
  • What does it mean to trust God?



God, I want to trust you with all my heart and not rely on my own intelligence or my own resources.


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