The Heart of the Father


When we accept Jesus into our hearts, we become part of the great family of God. He becomes our Father and we His children. The family of God is big. Not only do we have a Father, but also brothers and sisters all over the world.

Our brothers and sisters are there to love us, to help us and to show us how to carry forward our Father’s Kingdom of love on earth. This is how we serve our God.

Paul took Timothy under his wings and showed him how to love and serve God. Paul encouraged him and he was present in the good and bad times of his life.

You too can do like Paul: encourage and help someone to love God and serve him. Or, like Timothy, you can find a “Paul” who will know how to help you grow in faith and show you how to serve God and how to draw ever closer to the Father.




“Thank you, Father, for the beautiful spiritual family You have given me. Thank you for my brothers and sisters and help me to be a blessing to them, Amen. »




  1. Discuss with the children about their needs.
  2. In which area of your life would you need a Paul to receive advice: Relationship with your friends, prayer, reading the Bible, etc.?
  3. Allow children to encourage each other.


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