The Heart Of The Father



 Daniel went through something very difficult: he was taken and brought to a house other than his own, away from his parents, away from his family. In his new home, the regulations were very different from his home. He was asked to do things contrary to what he used to do and what God wanted. But Daniel managed not to be swayed and to continue to do the right things. He chose to obey God. How could he do that? Because he loved God very much and knew that his God was his Father and that he was always with him.

You too may be living something similar where people around you will try to make you do things you don’t want to do. But you have to keep doing the right things, just like Daniel. Your relationship with the Father, the time you take with him, like Daniel who prayed three times a day, is surely what will give you the strength to stand just like Daniel for what you believe.




“Father, help me not to listen to friends who want to influence me to do things contrary to what you desire. I want to influence my friends for the good instead of being influenced by them. Make me a light in this world. Amen.”


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