Roaring Lions




  • Stuffed lion



  1. Give the stuffed lion to a child.
  2. Ask the child to imitate roaring after every sentence you say.
  3. Recite and mime the rhyme. Encourage the children to do the gestures with you.


Nursery Rhyme

  • Roaring lions wait for Daniel patiently

(Take a fierce look and raise your hands with your fingers bent to imitate claws.)

  • The angel of God shuts their mouths

(Pinch your lips together.)

  • Balaam persists and hits his poor beast

(Show your head and then pretend to hit a beast.)

  • God makes the donkey speak in distress

(Form donkey ears with your hands and pretend to speak.)

  • The walls of Jericho resist all assaults

(Raise your arms high.)

  • God tore it to pieces

(Drop your arms suddenly.)

  • No need to worry

(Nod your head in a way of saying “no”.)

  • God is here to help us

(Point to the sky and nod in approval.)

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