• Paper plates (1 per child)
  • Cotton balls (cotton)
  • Black craft paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue



  1. Before class, prepare for each child a pre-cut set of legs and sheep’s ears and head  (see image).
  2. Give 1 plate to each child and tell them to cover it with glue.
  3. Tell them to put cotton balls on the glue.
  4. Then encourage the children to assemble the sheep’s head (see image).
  5. Finally, ask the children to glue the sheep’s head on the body and add the legs (see image).
  6. Making a sheep will remind the children of David’s first “trade” and encourage them to be servants, as David did in the fields when he was a young shepherd. It was also in the fields, by caring for the sheep, that David learned to trust God and his power to overcome the challenges of life. Therefore, later, David had the ability to confront and defeat Goliath and the enemies of God.