The giant with David’s slingshot

David and Goliath Activity: Maybe have the to-scale picture of Goliath (from a previous activity) on the wall, and have the kids take turns trying to hit him in the forehead...


  • 1 Y-shaped wooden branch
  • 1 rectangular piece of brown or black felt (about 6″ long and 2″ high)
  • 2 large elastics
  • Electrical adhesive tape
  • Newspapers


  1. Before class, prepare the slingshots.
  2. Cut the felt into rectangular pieces about 2″ (5 cm) high and 6″ (15 cm) long for each child.
  3. Lay the piece lengthwise and slit at each end (about an inch (3 cm) from the end).
  4. Cut each elastic into a long, straight piece. You will need two rubber bands per child.
  5. Give all children a small Y-shaped branch. If you have the space, take a nature excursion.
  6. Help the children put on their elastic band in each slot of the felt piece.
  7. Tell the children to tie the ends of the elastic bands by making a double knot and leaving a long piece of elastic at the other end.
  8. Now tell them to wrap the other end of the bungee around one of the branches at the end of the Y-shaped branch.
  9. Tell them to properly attach the elastics to the branch by wrapping the area with electrical tape.



  1. Draw a giant man on a large sheet of paper in advance and hang him on the wall. Allow enough space in front of the giant.
  2. Give the kids old stacks of newspapers. Ask them to tear small pieces and crumple them into small balls. These pieces will serve as safe “paper rocks” for the slingshot.
  3. Show the kids how to shoot and aim with the slingshot. To shoot, simply place the “paper stone” in the felt part, pull back while holding the object, then release.
  4. Line up the kids in an Indian line.
  5. Ask them to take turns hitting the giant by pulling with their “paper rocks” on Goliath.
  6. To make the activity more difficult, assign values to specific targets on your body. For example, Goliath’s arm is worth 5 points, his chest is worth 10 and his head is worth 25 points. Count each child’s score and award a small prize at the end.


Safety warning

  • Before allowing children to practice shooting, discuss safety issues, such as always aiming away from people and animals and using only “paper stones” in the slingshot.