I Need To Choose Well




  • Children’s scissors



  1. Show the scissors to the children.
  2. Explain how Delilah cut Samson’s hair. She was not a good friend to him.
  3. Recite and mime the rhyme. Encourage the children to do the gestures with you.


Nursery Rhyme

  • Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

(Touch each of the parts mentioned.)

  • God knows me from head to toe.

(Point to the sky, then touch your head and then your feet.)

  • He knows everything I need.

(Point to the sky at “he,” then your head to “knows,” spread your arms to “everything” and point to yourself  for “I” and put your arms in front of you with your elbows bent and your palms facing the sky, fold your fingers over your palm to “need.”)

  • And helps me choose good friends.

(Yell this last line.)


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