The stones of the pectoral




  • Egg card
  • Painting (12 colors)
  • Brushes
  • Scissors
  • Thick paper
  • glue



  1. Cut out the egg board to loosen each compartment.
  2. Give each child one of the compartments.
  3. Give each child a paint color and a brush.
  4. When the children have finished painting their compartment, tell them to stick it on the thick paper.
  5. Together, the children create the stones that were on Eli’s pectoral.



  • Since there were only twelve stones on the pectoral, you can make several pectorals for each child to make a stone.
  • You can tell the children that children who have painted their compartment of the same color are part of the same tribe.
  • With their stones, you can make a game where children have to find the other members of their tribe (those with the same color of stone).


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