Father’s heart


Eli was a man who truly loved God, but he made a bad choice by turning a blind eye to the bad behavior of his children surely because he did not want to displease them.

Let’s think about our lives for a few moments. We are all exposed at some point to people who are doing evil around us. How do we react? Do we choose to do what they do? Example: A friend makes a bad move and asks you to lie with him to cover up his bad deed. What are you going to do? Are you going to lie with him? Are you going to choose to tell the truth? Are you going to tell him he shouldn’t lie?

The more you love God the Father, the more you get to know him and the easier it becomes to make the right decision.When you’re going to go through this kind of situation, before you act, take the time to retire for a few minutes and ask your heavenly daddy what he thinks and how you should act.

Take the time to think carefully before you let yourself be influenced by others.




“Father I love you and I want to love you all my life, help me to see the things that are before me that could take me away from you. Help me stand for the truth and stand up against sin. Amen.”




Take the time to talk to the children, ask them this question.

Have you ever been exposed to situations where you have faced the choice to act badly like Eli’s children?

Ask them how they acted and if they did wrong how they could have done otherwise.




Encourage children to speak with God. Invite them to go to a corner of the classroom and tell God the father how much they love him.