Making The Altar



  • Plastic bin (large enough to hold all the elements)
  • Soil
  • 12 small stones
  • Small pieces of wood
  • Pitcher
  • Water
  • Image of meat



  1. Place the soil in the plastic bin.
  2. Ask the children to stack 12 stones on top of the soil and in the center of the bin.
  3. Ask the children to dig a ditch around the stones.
  4. Ask other children to place small pieces of wood on the stones.
  5. Then ask them to place the image of the meat on top.
  6. Fill the pitcher with water, then start pouring water on the image and wood until the ditch is filled.
  7. Explain to the children that Elijah made an altar for God that resembled this one. It was however larger. God was then able to burn the whole altar.


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