The Heart Of The Father


 Elisha is a man that accomplished great things for God. Was Elisha a different man from you and me? No. What made the difference with him was that he understood who he was and that with the Spirit of God in him he was able to accomplish great things.

You too have the Spirit of God in you and you can also accomplish great things. If this morning you don’t feel important, you don’t think you can do great things for God, that’s a lie and you mustn’t believe it. This is what the enemy wants you to believe, that you aren’t able of doing great things for God. You have the desire in your heart, but you feel unable. Zechariah 4:6b says very well that it is thanks to the Spirit of God that you are able to accomplish things for God. All he expects from you is for you to say yes.




“Father, I make myself available to serve you, use me as you wish. The Spirit of God in me makes me capable and strong. Help me learn to walk according to the Spirit that is in me. Amen.”




Challenge of the week:

Encourage the children to find something they can do this week to serve God.