God Made A Family For Me




  • Coat



  1. Give the coat to a child. Explain that Elisha had a special one that belonged to Elijah.
  2. Ask them to watch you carefully when you say the last line of the nursery rhyme. You will then mime a task that the whole family can do together: vacuum, dust, do the dishes, pick up toys, etc.
  3. Recite and mime the rhyme. Encourage the children to do the gestures with you.
  4. Give the coat to another child.


Nursery Rhyme

  • God made a family for me

(Point to the sky, then raise a hand and wave your fingers.)

  • Different from yours, you know

(Point to another person.)

  • Our family knows how to please us

(Point at you, move your fingers and point again at you.)

  • And we have a task to do

(Mime an action the family can do.)

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