Father’s heart



The Father always wants the best for you, he likes to see his children happy and joyful. But sometimes because you don’t make the right decisions, you’re miserable and sad. If I sow carrots (show the image of the seed), I will harvest carrots (show the carrot image). This is called the law of sowing and reaping. If I sow good things in my life, I’m going to reap good things. But if I sow bad things, I’m going to reap bad things. If I sow anger around me by my actions, I will gather angry people around me. If I behave well, people are going to be happy and if I have a bad behavior, people will be sad around me. You have to learn at a young age to control your behaviour, it’s not always easy, but the Father is there to help you.


Activity: The law of sowing and reaping


Show children pictures of good and bad behaviours and ask them what the consequence of the behaviour will be.

For example: a child screaming, a child pushing, a child laughing, a child sharing, etc.