The Heart Of The Father



 Having fears is normal, we are all afraid of something.We have to be careful so that this fear doesn’t stop us from doing things. If I’m afraid people will laugh at me when I talk, I may decide not to talk in front of people, and I’m going to get very embarrassed, even if I’m not a shy person.This may even prevent me from helping a friend who needs me because I’m too afraid that he’s going to make fun of me. But if I give my fear to the Father and learn to control it, then I will be able to help people and talk to them and become a messenger of love for the Father.

Esther knew that she could not appear before the King without first being invited, but she placed her trust in her Father and she appeared before the king and the king allowed her to come before him.

By learning to trust the Father, you will be able to face your fears and accomplish things you never thought you would be able to do. Do you really think the Father’s plan for your life is that you walk in fear? Do you really think that when the Father dreamed of you, he saw you shy, filled with fear? Not at all, he saw you strong, able to do a lot of things, joyful, etc. His plan for your life is that you get over all your fears.




“Father, show me if there are fears hidden in my heart, and if so, help me trust you and not walk in life according to my fears. Thank you that you are with me and that you help me every day.”




The child must draw one of his fears on a sheet of paper. Then he has to do an X on it and say, “I don’t want to have that fear in my life anymore, the Father comes and takes it off and replaces it with a good thing.”


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