Father’s Heart

Like Adam, who was the first son, Eve was the first daughter. When we think of Eve, we often think of the wrong choice she made by eating forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. It is true that she made a bad choice, but she suffered the consequences of her bad choice. But she did not only make bad choices in her life. She was also created in the image of God just like you and me, and she also carries the life of Christ in her. Despite disobeying God.

In our lives, it happens to all of us that we choose to disobey God. That is not right. Disobedience often comes with consequences and discipline. But does God the Father love us less? Not at all. And he proved it to us by sending us Jesus who came to die on the cross so that our mistakes, our faults and our sins would be forgiven and that we could always have access to the HEART of the FATHER. Not because we are good, fine and kind, but simply because he loves us and because Jesus paid the price of his life so that we can have access to his love at all times, even when we disobey. His love is still there to forgive us and help us not to do it again.




“Father, if there are things in my life that take me away from your heart and prevent me from receiving your love and feeling it, I ask for forgiveness. Jesus, come and wash my heart of all that takes me away from the Heart of the Father. I want to love you more and more and live in your love. In the name of Jesus. Amen.”




  1. Draw a big heart on a cardboard box on the wall.
  2. Ask the children what keeps them away from the father’s heart and write their answer outside the heart.
  3. Ask the children what brings them closer to the father’s heart. Write their response inside the heart.


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