The Heart Of The Father



 The Father created Ezekiel with great imagination and an ability to describe what he saw.

The Father created us all with an artistic side. For some, it is more developed in one area than in another. Some are better at drawing and others are better at making Lego block structures. Some are better at dancing and some are better at telling funny stories. We all have an artistic side in us simply because we were created in the image of the Father and he is the greatest of artists, the best.

Show children images of nature so they can see the artistic side of the Creator.

When God made the earth, he could have made it in black and white. Well, no, no, no, no, no, no. It is filled with colours and in addition, it is filled with different scents, and all that, for the pleasure of our eyes and our nose! Let’s look at humans, we’re all different and unique. It’s fascinating! Look at your hands! Try to find another hand in the class exactly like yours (allow time to do so). You won’t find any, because we’re all unique.




“Thank you Father for the beauty of nature, thank you for creating a very beautiful environment for us to live in, you are the best of the creators. Thank you for creating me unique, thank you for loving me and taking good care of me. I love you. Amen.”


Application: My body Is Unique


Did you know you could tell the size of your foot by looking at your forearm?

Did you know I could tell how tall you are by using your arms?

Did you know I can tell the size of your heart using your hands? (Show image)


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