Get The Message Across




  • Pillows
  • Paper



  1. Write on paper the message that the prophet was to convey to the people.
  2. Read the message to the children and roll up the paper.
  3. Tell the children that it is now their job to get the message out to everyone.
  4. Place a row of pillows (1 per child). Make sure you leave enough distance between the pillows.
  5. Ask each child to sit on a pillow.
  6. Give the message to the child at the beginning of the row.
  7. Tell the child that at your signal, they must get up, carry the message to the next child and come back to sit on their pillow.
  8. Then the child who receives the message must pass the message on to the next child and so on.
  9. Continue until the message is passed on to all the children.
  10. Make a connection with the prophet Ezekiel who was to deliver the message to all the people.


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