Open The Clues




  • White cardboard poster
  • Image of a feather, a piece of coal and a wheel
  • Construction paper
  • Glue



  1. Prepare the poster before your class starts.
  2. Glue or draw a feather, a piece of charcoal and a wheel on the poster. Separate the items.
  3. Take construction paper and cut it out so that the shape can hide an image on the poster.
  4. Take this piece of construction paper and just glue its edges around the image. The image will then be well hidden.
  5. Repeat the steps so that all the images in the poster are well hidden.
  6. In class, ask a child to tear up one of the pieces of construction paper to reveal one of the clues about the character in the lesson.
  7. Let another child discover another item.
  8. Continue until all the images are discovered.
  9. Explain to the children that today you are going to talk about Ezekiel and that each of the images on the poster have something to do with him.