The Heart Of The Father



Gideon did not trust himself. He thought he was too small to do important things and he had forgotten who his Father was, the Almighty God who created the whole universe and who is strong and powerful. Do you think you’re too small to do important things? If Gideon managed to defeat an army with only 300 soldiers, you too are capable. How did he do it? He accepted the mission that his Father had for him and he listened to His voice to receive the instructions, the plan of attack. Then he obeyed.

Are there things you’d like to do that you don’t dare do because you think you’re too small?


Application: The coat and label


  1. You will need a coat or jacket, post-it and pencils.
  2. Ask the children, “What do people say about you that hurts you?”
    • I never obey, I’m too noisy, I talk too much, etc.
  3. Write the word on a post-it and give it to the child, he will have to come and stick it on the coat.
  4. When the coat is filled, pray with the children:
    • “Father, I refuse to believe the lies that people have put on my life. I’m your son, I’m your daughter, and the plan you have for my life is good and great. I refuse the lie of the enemy and choose to believe the truth. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”
  5. Remove the labels, then with the children throw the labels in the trash.


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