God Can Help Us


  • Toy trumpet



  1. Say, “God can help us in different ways. Can you think of a time when God helped you? Listen carefully to the next nursery rhyme. When I’m done reciting it, you’ll have to tell me a way God can help you.”
  2. Recite and mime the nursery rhyme and ask the question.
  3. Repeat the nursery rhyme by encouraging the children to join you in reciting and miming it.
  4. You can give the toy  trumpet to one child at a time as you recite and mime the nursery rhyme.


Nursery Rhyme

  • God gives us food

(Pretend to eat.)

  • God gives us something to drink

(Pretend to drink.)

  • No need to worry

(Nod your head saying “No”.)

  • God promised to provide

(Point to the sky, then to your mouth.)

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