The Heart Of The Father



 Isaiah was a message carrier, he brought messages from God.You too are called to be a message carrier, yes, yes. AND the message you need to bring is a message of love to the people around you: Jesus loves them and they can also have a dad in heaven who loves them and who will always be there with them.

How can we bring this message of love to people? By our behavior, by being nice to people; by our words, and by being polite, respectful, etc. The Father is giving you this assignment this morning. He wants you to spread his love around you. Are you going to accept the assignment?




“Father make me a messenger of love, help me spread your love around me. Amen.”




This morning, we will offer a message of love to someone, choose a person and we will make a beautiful drawing to show this person your love. Your assignment will be to give the person this drawing this week.