Father’s Heart



This morning we’re going to talk about blessing. What is a blessing? A blessing is a gift, a gift that God gives us.

Jacob wanted so much to receive his dad’s blessing (gift) that he lied and stole to get it. He lied to his dad and stole his brother’s blessing. What he did was wrong. He did the wrong thing. What we need to see in this story is that he was willing to do anything to receive his father’s blessing… even to do what was wrong.

We all want to be blessed, we all want the Father to bless us, we all love to receive gifts. But you don’t have to do evil for that. God the Father promises us that he will bless us. God the Father has a good plan for your life and the only things you have to do is to trust him and to walk in his ways and the blessing will come. He has blessings, gifts for all of us.




“Thank you Father for all the blessings you give me, thank you because you take good care of me, help me bless others too in return. Amen.”




Make a list with the children of the blessings they have.

  • Food every day
  • Houses
  • Schools, etc.


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