I Love The Way God Created Me




  • 3 flowers



  1. Recite and mime the rhyme. Encourage the children to do the gestures with you.
  2. While you recite the nursery rhyme, circulate three different flowers that they can smell among the children.


Nursery Rhyme

  • I love the way God created me

(Point to the sky and nod with a smile.)

  • From head to toe

(Touch your head, then your feet.)

  • What do I like? Well, let’s see…

(Extend your hands as a question mark, then pat your cheek as a sign of reflection.)

  • I’ll tell you: 1.2.3

(Count with your fingers.)



  • If you have a large group, you can change the natural flowers to fragrant artificial flowers. Give each child a flower. After saying the nursery rhyme, encourage each child to smell the flower of three friends.

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