What’s In The Well?




  • Cardboard box (medium size)
  • Exacto
  • Objects of different sizes and textures



Before class, prepare the box.

  1. Make sure the flaps of the box are open or cut. This will leave one side of the box open.
  2. On a closed side of the cardboard box, draw 2 circles. They should be big enough for the children to put their hands through.
  3. Then use the exacto to cut the circle out. You may want to test them. You can always cut them a little bigger if necessary.


Optional For The Box

  • You can cut strips of coloured tissue paper to decorate the opening of the box. Glue the strips to the opening of the box with adhesive tape.



  1. Hide the objects so children can’t see them.
  2. Ask a child to stand behind the box.
  3. Ask the other children not to reveal what it is.
  4. Ask the child to put his hands in the holes in the box and close his eyes.
  5. Then place an item through the open side of the box.
  6. Let the child pick up the object without opening his eyes.
  7. Ask him to guess what the object is just by touching it.
  8. Let the child try several times to name the object. If it’s difficult, you can ask them a few questions to guide them. Was it heavy or light? Did it make any noise? Was it smooth or rough?
  9. Ask another child to come behind the box to guess a new object.
  10. Play as many times as you like.
  11. Make the connection with the story you tell. In the Bible, Jeremiah was in a well.


Optional for the game

  • To simplify the game, you can use paper bags instead of the box and simply ask the child to close his eyes.

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