• Paper hearts (1 per child)


  1. Give each child a heart.
  2. Ask the children to hold it on their hearts.
  3. Recite and mime the rhyme. Encourage the children to do the gestures with you.


Nursery Rhyme

  • Friends do lots of fun things

(Extend your hands with your palms facing upwards.)

  • They love each other, talk to each other and sometimes they sing

(Show the heart, then the mouth; move your hands as if to lead a song.)

  • Listen, help, learn and share

(Place the funnel-shaped hand around the ear; extend your hands, show your head; extend your hands and then join them on the side, palms facing upwards.)

  • Doing these things together, that’s friendship

(Extend your hands; fold your arms to hug.)


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